Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Aqua terra jasper and citrine for spring

Claudette Bujold-Poirier of Denver purchased one of my pendants. She loved the shades of the aqua terra jasper and the gold citrine and it looks lovely on her. She's also checking out my new shop at


  1. I am absolutely in love with Jacque's one-of-a-kind, stunningly creative art jewelry. Everyone comments on this piece, how original and beautiful it is. I wear it blue jeans and/or formal wear. It just seems to fit with everything. To me, this is true art and when I'm not wearing it, I want to display it, like a sculpture, so that I can share it with everyone. Jacque's soul and spirit comes through her art, a true gift to the world.
    Thanks, Jacque.

    Claudette Bujold-Poirier
    Denver, CO.

  2. That looks fabulous on Claudette. I see your jeweled creations are selling all over the country now. Congratulations! Do you display your designs on etsy or a website?